not yet

I think I dehumanized-functional and wants to be, I dare be, that work too much, in terms of social, things are going great for me. But tonight there at the time, in which I realize that is lost is the time before sleep-time when consciousness is blocked under the weight of repetition, I slept so often gesture of living seems to be a preamble to this act continuously repetitive to sleep. And that just tells me how are my days, my days they are alone, that does not end with a conversation with someone who does not end with a kiss. A hand to hand. I reserve time for me tonight-not capitalize on, you waste, I think I can do for myself, or repeating gestures that once had meaning. I got stuck in the gap. I realize that just can not get out. Therefore, we need someone. It’s simple as beating of the heart, it must happen.


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