google translate thoughts

Walk awry somehow towards the center, sinuous buildings with trees, cathedral NewAge, S raise me to do better picture, running through cold to tram norm, another house in Vienna, people with different backgrounds, many voices in smoke, alcohol , binedispozitie first Russian you know, impressed as I read Gorky, DJ, to one half outside world, toilet full of pictures, custom nice when you have something of your way on foot to the subway in steam Fernet, made pasta with peanut butter at 3 am, a delight, everyone dizzy in bed, under the sleeping bag up over 5 hours with heavy head, S hug me, long, S wants to explore my whole body is interrupted S me S gets hot, it’s wierd i  tell because he has a girlfriend, get an answer you do not understand, talk about strange situations, he says maybe I am not boyfriend material for her, paused, kissing my breasts S, S hug me to orgasm, I’m the first day of cycle, touch me in a nice way that you caress someone’s beautiful face, skin is very nice to the touch, I’m ashamed to look him in the eye, do not know Why give me a kiss on the cheek, legs trembled, I like Him on top of me, looking for food, pizzeria dubious, illegal, chief samurai, nobody dies of salmonella and no shot, we learn about how we die, table-time, run-time to where she works, slip on huge barrel without putting any desire, arms keeps me in line, get to the imperial palace, the art of lying chairs, pink dome with many different scenes characters S her hand on my heart, eye to eye with angels, drawings that look 3D, it’s good there’s a very nice, explore the rest of the palace, we separate, we meet at the museum, punk jesus, fascinating paintings of the sixteenth century , long, long, goodbye norm, short train, the train body lay half on top of each other, hand in hand, reflection near us, again a very nice, the station’s friend Stepan, a quick cake and 2 cola, goodbye S, meet friends gentianza, super pizza again took the train back super late again in Bucharest, the computer again. No hand, no reflection, no heart. Ago.
This experience made me wish I have a boyfriend. I’ll look for my friend.


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