just can’t get enough of translate.journal.google.com.4

if you want to be famous, google can make it happen.

„But before I see my little things, I write less. I just want to write, I do not want to write anything meaningful, I just stop here, still believe that these words, eternal visible for a look, I somehow authenticate seconds … because the days pass quickly, so quickly as if would be night all the time and does not want to sleep, does not want to sleep for 3 hours, more time and more-so you can see, actuallynow we take under scrutiny … but it’s about time, but about me and how I could write on the inside, really is so easy to think of so many of immortalized, to have a picture-word double time, which we expect Ladislav, watching the match, I do not know what we could we say, but something we say every day, facts are found in the virtual world of words, when they say we be in memory on Google,if it is, would we be if we did not breathe anything together?”

the show goes on regardless of any meaning. that’s what internet is all about. and reason.


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