jurnalul meu de pe translate.google.com

un mic experiment: jurnal+traslate.google.com= great shit. it leaves you with the impression that you could be a fucking famous writer. intr-un cuvant, un experiment amuzant, care ar putea fi cotat ca „valoros” dupa standarde dada.

o parte oarecare si bunul google ma ajuta sa ma compar cu joyce.

‘I do not know how I wake up in the morning as I wake in the morning, do it automatically, do not think I know where they arelikely to advance, can not know, I never questioned .. and day, he also somehow is surface of my thoughts, because I thought I wasgoing nice and smile, I happen to not see me and see my reflectionin the mirror only, nothing more, there is no gap there, no longerhear beyond the daily facts, what is happening, for it is anothergravitational field with a simple law, know not the force that bindsme, I could write the equation and get the Nobel Prize for her,mistakenly believe that it is invisible … if we were face to face, the force would be visible, things are not so mysterious universe thanfor someone who always has to touch, things feel better from a distance, in the end nothing more familiar than the strangeness of the universe we than the great truths that we break into small pieces, and when the cup is full you enjoy, that’s barely lit cigarette, all of it’s really great ..”
 excellent shit. the end.

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